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Since 2010, our expert teams of divers and surface support technicians have developed unique, effective ways to remove milfoil at its roots and restore shorelines' natural beauty quickly. That's why our customers call us the king!

We customize milfoil removal and bottom barrier installations based on customers' specific needs, so get in touch today to make an appointment as our time slots fill up fast.


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Nothing ruins the enjoyment of lakefront property in the Pacific Northwest more than the noxious, aggressive, non-native, underwater weed known as milfoil.

Milfoil looks unattractive from the beach, makes beach swimming unpleasant and dangerous, can interfere with the docking of seaplanes and can block the intake pipes of private lakes and ponds.

Seattle Milfoil Removal has provided fast, skillful solutions to this menace for eight years, earning us the title of "Milfoil King" by hundreds of satisfied customers.

We strongly recommend against using pesticides and other chemicals to control milfoil, as they can have troublesome, long-lasting effects for swimmers and the lake itself

Our experienced dive teams rip up milfoil at its underwater roots, and our crews dispose of thousands of pounds of it each week in an environmentally sensitive way at special county facilities.

Call now for a free price quote. We will send an estimator to your property right away to scout the job and provide you with a fair estimate of costs and time required.




Just finished reviewing their work and have to say I am impressed.  The job was easy to schedule, they showed up timely and the cleanup was complete after they left.  I have already scheduled the follow up for next year!

Trevor S

They did an excellent job. Because I had a big event coming up, they fit me into their schedule very quickly. They were very thorough, and responsive when I asked them to extend the area they were working on. They cleaned up everything when they left, taking away 12 bags of milfoil! I highly recommend.

Kim C

I've used Seattle Milfoil for 2 years and definitely recommend Joe and his crew. They show up on time, do excellent work and charge a fair price.

Chris P

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