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Professional Services

What We Provide



Attention to Detail

Founded and operated by Northwest natives who care deeply about both the environment and the enjoyment of waterfront activities, Seattle Milfoil is a one-stop solution: Our well trained, certified divers pull the weeds at their roots underwater, then our crews pack them into bags and haul them to county facilities that specialize in safe, responsible disposal.



Multi-Year Management Plans

Marinas, Apartments, Private Lakes, HOAs and Local Municipalities have different needs than residential clients. We understand how a 5-15 year plan fits into an annual budget. We know all stakeholders need a say to approve projects of this size.

We can customize any proposal to appeal to everyone on the whole board.

Let us take this burden off of your shoulder's. Contact us today!


Shore Defense System Bottom Barriers

Always Prepared

We are the only company that offers a 100%, no trace left behind, biodegradable bottom barriers that are set up to last years!

Our solution is simple and solves a multitude of problems.

Using a proprietary method developed by the King we are able to completely wipe out lily pad infestations and milfoil for years on end.

Do you suffer from lily pads? Is swamp starting to form on your beachfront? Have you lost depth over time? Want a sandy or pea gravel beach? Our bottom barrier solution encompasses all of the above.

What are you waiting for? Call us today!